Broken But I’m Healed

On the horizon—my future as an author in this unforgivable industry just got brighter.

Yesterday, I unveiled the cover to my long-awaited second faith-fiction novel, BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED. For those who bought the original HE CHANGED MY NAME by Jay Imes (now re-issued as LOVE HIM LIKE I DO by Isaiah David Paul), I appreciate the fact that you waited seven years for me to come back to Christ and do what I’m supposed to be doing. If you bought the award winning SOUL OF A MAN Anthology that was edited by Elissa Gabrielle, then you saw a very small piece of the story four years ago.

In just a few short weeks (Lord-willing of course), you will be getting a book that I have to admit has been the most difficult project I’ve ever written. Bits and pieces of the story are based on things that have happened to me—I’ll go more in details about that as the date approaches. But to say it’s one of my most personal projects to date (aside from WORTH FIGHTING 4 by Jarold Imes) is an understatement.

The following is the synopsis—I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to go on this next Street Disciples Testimonial journey with you.

Maria Rice has survived abuse and being orphaned at a young age and has lived to tell the tale. Her heavy heart can only heal when given the opportunity to be nurtured and she continues to allow unforgiveness and sin push her away from Christ. Her husband, Calvin, has goals and ambitions to become a great teacher while being the man he knows God has called him to be. The only obstacles in his way are his unruly students, a distrustful school administration and a broken home that seek to destroy him because he loves Christ. As Maria and Calvin seek a resolution for where they should go with their lives, saving their marriage may be the last thing on their minds.

The Word says what God has brought together let no man put asunder—but if they weren’t brought together by God, then are they better off just being apart?

Release Date – Summer 2012

Published by isaiahdavidpaul

I am an Christian street lit novelist and all of my "hood" books under this name are Christ centered.

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