Still Standing coming October 30, 2012 and Update on the Jarold Imes Novels

Greetings Everyone:

I know y’all got the news that my wife, Allyson has been sick and I want to thank you for supporting us as she battled with a major ailment. She is home now and resting, however, she still will not be back in business for another few weeks. In the meantime, if you are one of her clients that I am now assisting in the interim—welcome. I hope this site gives you a chance to get to know me a little better.

A few days ago, I dropped the news that my upcoming novel, Broken But I’m Healed was being pushed back from its September 25, 2012 date to October 9, 2012. My wife serves as one of my editors and she normally does the final edits. I’m having to bring in some last minute assistance to make sure the novel is up to par and I want to not only give this person time, but give Allyson one last chance to read it before it comes out. Her new novella, was published earlier this month and I hope you check it out.

Over the last few months, my team and I have been answering the question, “What is going to happen with the Jarold Imes books?” Most of the books will be reissued as Jarold Imes during the 2013-2014 school year, but three of the novels will be reissued (and some renamed) as Isaiah David Paul novels. The first of these, Still Standing is almost complete and is set for an October 30, 2012 release. While I stand behind the teen release of the original version, I feel that Still Standing is more closely align to the direction I’m going with the Isaiah David Paul adult novels. With some of my contributions from my story in Love & Life, the new version of Still Standing will be longer with new scenes. Also, I don’t feel that Still Standing got a fair shake the first go-round and I still want to discuss younger Christian converts and molestation—two heavy themes that this novel talks about. Another thing, the Isaiah David Paul version is the first time this novel will be in print and I’m very excited about that.

So with that said, later this week, Still Standing will no longer be available on eBook and we will revise the current cover. We are keeping the main picture and using it as a focal point because we don’t feel that characters that look like Kandi are adequately portrayed in literature.

Rollin’ Wit the Punches and Lessons Learned will also be reissued as Isaiah David Paul young adult novels. I don’t have dates for those books yet.

The following five of ten novels will be reissued as Jarold Imes during the 2013-2014 school year:

Worth Fighting 4
U Can’t Break Me
Never Too Much – The Remix
5 Miles to Empty
Hold On Be Strong

All of the books will get new and updated covers. Two of the books will be revised and at least two will have a brand new title.

Marlon McCaulsky is going to reissue the story that he wrote in our anthology, Love & Life at a later date so at this point, and the anthology will not be reprinted.

The jury is still out on Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number. Some educators and counselors have asked me to consider toning down the content and reissue a revised version under Jarold Imes. Some in my circle want that book to be kept as is and expanded for the publication of the old, and unreleased titles that will come out as Donte Sweat—especially those whom have access to the “alternate version.” While I don’t intend to write too many new secular novels—I don’t want to promise that I’ll never write them again either. But of the other pseudonyms, Donte Sweat will be the one that I use the most and it will be for mainstream, urban and some romance novels. However, Donte Sweat will not be a primary focus at this time.

I thank you all for supporting me and I can’t wait for you to read Broken But I’m Healed and the new Still Standing in October.

In Unity,

Isaiah David Paul

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I am an Christian street lit novelist and all of my "hood" books under this name are Christ centered.

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