Support Authors on Small Business Saturday

A lot of people don’t realize it that in most cases, every book that is in print is the collaborative effort of a team. The author is the brand and as part of their business, they hire and/or work with editors, publicists, agents, web masters and other graphic design people to help them maintain their brand. If the author owns the publishing company that releases the book or has a production company that the books are affiliated with—then there are more people involved like accountants, lawyers, consultants and assistant or two and other staff needed to make the author’s brand a success.


To break it down even further—every time you purchase an Isaiah David Paul novel or if you’ve ever purchased a Donte Sweat, Cedric Quincy or Jarold Imes novel, these are all of the professionals that have businesses I support to help me create the catalog that keep Solomon Waterwine moving.


–                      I have one main editor and usually two to three supporting proofreaders, story line editors and content editors.

–                      I either purchase the cover photograph from the model or the photographer (who may have to pay the model in some cases).

–                      In many cases, I’ve paid the graphic designer to produce a high quality cover that will catch attention and aide in selling the book.

–                      I don’t have a publicist, but the placement in certain literary magazines and blogs isn’t cheap either.

–                      I also have to pay for my distribution from my “house” to the store or to the customer.


I know that some readers don’t care about the logistics, they just want a good story. I understand that and that’s why I hire the team of experts for my book. So when you purchase those eBooks for your Kindle, Nooks or other eReaders for the holidays, think about that.

Published by isaiahdavidpaul

I am an Christian street lit novelist and all of my "hood" books under this name are Christ centered.

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