My Last Day Being 30: A Prelude to BEFORE I DIE

I pray all of you are having a wonderful New Year. This is my first posting I’m making from my phone.

Today is my last day being 30, and I feel blessed. You guys have made my Christmas with the early favorable reviews for BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED and it’s bestselling status. I also appreciate the early support for my first romance project “Give Love At Christmas: A eShort”.

When I took down BLACKBERRY MOLASSES & FREE YOUR MIND by Cedric Quincy and KING by Donte Sweat at the end of last year, my original intent was to republish the novels under my other adult imprint. But I heard God speaking to me instructing me to wait. I did and He has shown me how I can make KING more pleasing to him. So I out the work in my romance novel, TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS on hold and to my surprise (and my wife’s), changing the curse words and minimizing and deleting KING’s premarital sex scenes were not only pleasing to God but a requirement for the desire to reissue the book under the Solomon Waterwine imprint and under the Isaiah David Paul name.

I was okay with this. I mean when God speaks, I’m supposed to listen right. He wants a cleaner version of KING and I’m going to obey. Not only has this been easier than I thought, but I’m liking one of my favorite stories I’ve written better. And the result will be a new book called BEFORE I DIE which will tie BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED to my end of the year release FOOT SOLDIER.

God said what we do for Him will last and I can’t wait for you to read the new version. And yes, I do have Kirk Franklin’s go-go song playing in the background as I work this out. Now to get my wife to do a beautiful cover and edit and you should have this book in three weeks. God is good.

I thought everything was over because of how I got scammed on three ghostwriting projects and the store in Charlotte, but God is reminding me that with Him, I can always have a new beginning.

I got to get back to writing and now that the blog post is done, I must admit that while typing this from my phone is easy, I may just do notes and stick with correcting everything with my lap top.

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I am an Christian street lit novelist and all of my "hood" books under this name are Christ centered.

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