About the Re-emergence of Cedric Quincy…

Greetings Everyone:

I’ve gotten some emails lately about the re-emergence of Team Cedric Quincy. Specifically, I’m being asked by many of my IDP readers have I gone back to writing LBGT fiction or have I given up on God.

First, about Team Cedric Quincy coming back. I have a group of young men who have, along with my wife, helped bring some of my secular readers to my faith fiction works. When I posted that I’d refrain from creating too many new secular works–these readers, my fans have come along for the ride. Many of the Cedric Quincy readers have bought old Jarold Imes books when I was exposed (notice I did not come out as Cedric Quincy willingly), and they are buying and conversing with me about my IDP books.

Some of the very people who helped me pump the erotic books have gotten saved and I believe that being around me to a point may have influenced that. I have a dedicated team that specifically work to promote my works and other faith fiction titles in that community.

As for using the name. There will only be ONE CQ novel that will deal with LGBT issues and that will be the re-editing and re-issuing of the teen version of 5 Miles to Empty. It will have a new name and a new cover. The new CQ novels will be a variety of SUSPENSE NOVELS and some mainstream titles.

I’m not asking you to support Cedric Quincy, his team or the works. I am asking you to keep in mind the reason I have a literary ministry.

Matthew 28:19-20 states “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

So I’m asking you–before you judge what I write and what I do–let me use this name to minister to this community. Let me do what God has His hands in and write books that address the community at large. Yes, my CQ and my Donte Sweat novels are more secular in nature but that doesn’t mean the work can’t get done.

For those of you willing to go on the journey with me, I appreciate it. For those who won’t, I understand.

It’s hard not writing the traditional church-drama that many Christian readers have become accustomed to as “Christian fiction”. Works that don’t glorify Christ but instead promote some of the very sins ministers are supposed to be preaching against. But some of these same readers will criticize me because my Christian books show the problems and how all people, Christians and non-Christians alike fall short.

I pray that you all get a chance to see the works God is working within me. That is bigger than the works I’m doing for the world. And I’m not selling out–who knows, I’ve saved secular characters before–who says that with God’s help I can’t save them again.




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I am an Christian street lit novelist and all of my "hood" books under this name are Christ centered.

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