Closing My Legs – Coming August 6, 2014 –> 8+6=14

I am very excited that my first NEW full-length novel in almost two years, CLOSING MY LEGS will be available in print and on several eBook formats on August 6, 2014. 8 + 6 = 14…I like that formula—don’t you? Readers have seen this beautiful cover below and we figure, why wait any longer? Like Tina CampbellContinue reading “Closing My Legs – Coming August 6, 2014 –> 8+6=14”

Update on New Isaiah David Paul Titles

I appreciate the love you guys have given all of my titles—since I write (and don’t hide) the fact that I write in multiple genres, I need to clearly define what my literary mission is. As I stated when I started the Isaiah David Paul movement in 2010—my passion and first love is the expansionContinue reading “Update on New Isaiah David Paul Titles”


MAN IN THE MIRROR Isaiah David Paul Solomon Waterwine – August 2013 Originally published as A WALK IN MY SHOES/NEVER TOO MUCH by Jaeyel Imes RBANWRTR – 1998, 2000 Previously published as ROLLIN’ WIT’ THE PUNCHES by Jarold Imes Abednego’s Free – 2008 This book, along with Never Too Muchand U Can’t Break Memake upContinue reading “ABOUT THESE BOOKS – MAN IN THE MIRROR”

ABOUT THESE BOOKS – Introduction

This is probably more difficult than anything I’ve ever written. Sorta like an autobiography and I have no choice but to be honest. No hiding behind a pseudonym–other than this one. No fabricating a happy ending. “About These Books” will force me to tell the hard, honest truth. I will probably gain a few newContinue reading “ABOUT THESE BOOKS – Introduction”

About the Re-emergence of Cedric Quincy…

Greetings Everyone: I’ve gotten some emails lately about the re-emergence of Team Cedric Quincy. Specifically, I’m being asked by many of my IDP readers have I gone back to writing LBGT fiction or have I given up on God. First, about Team Cedric Quincy coming back. I have a group of young men who have,Continue reading “About the Re-emergence of Cedric Quincy…”

My Last Day Being 30: A Prelude to BEFORE I DIE

I pray all of you are having a wonderful New Year. This is my first posting I’m making from my phone. Today is my last day being 30, and I feel blessed. You guys have made my Christmas with the early favorable reviews for BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED and it’s bestselling status. I alsoContinue reading “My Last Day Being 30: A Prelude to BEFORE I DIE”

Support Authors on Small Business Saturday

A lot of people don’t realize it that in most cases, every book that is in print is the collaborative effort of a team. The author is the brand and as part of their business, they hire and/or work with editors, publicists, agents, web masters and other graphic design people to help them maintain theirContinue reading “Support Authors on Small Business Saturday”