The Mission Continues

…let no man put asunder. (Matthew 19:6) There is a popular disco song that Mary J. Blige remade with the release of her 1999 album, Mary. A lot of people don’t know that the saying is biblical in nature. If God brought it together (specifically referring to marriages and has deeper meaning to everything else),Continue reading “The Mission Continues”

Love Him Like I Do available in ebook

Love Him Like I Do Isaiah David Paul GITUS/Tinsley Phelps/Abednego’s Free 978-1934195-58-1 240 pgs $14. 95 US paperback $3.99 eBook Internet sensation Donte Speaks gives up the fame and fortune for salvation and becomes a disciple for Christ. With the help of his friends, Donte works hard to stay on the path of righteousness and toContinue reading “Love Him Like I Do available in ebook”

Why I’m Writing as Isaiah David Paul for My Faith Based Works

When I announced to the authors and close affiliates of Abednego’s Free, LLC my decision to take my only faith based novel, He Changed the Game out of print and to re-release it in 2011 with new chapters, new dialogue and under a brand new pseudonym … many questioned the motive. I had already announcedContinue reading “Why I’m Writing as Isaiah David Paul for My Faith Based Works”