MAN IN THE MIRROR Isaiah David Paul Solomon Waterwine – August 2013 Originally published as A WALK IN MY SHOES/NEVER TOO MUCH by Jaeyel Imes RBANWRTR – 1998, 2000 Previously published as ROLLIN’ WIT’ THE PUNCHES by Jarold Imes Abednego’s Free – 2008 This book, along with Never Too Muchand U Can’t Break Memake upContinue reading “ABOUT THESE BOOKS – MAN IN THE MIRROR”

Broken But I’m Healed coming October 9, 2012

  Greetings Everyone:   For those of you who bought Love Him Like I Do or my latest release, Street Disciples, first I want to say thank you for your support. Writing faith-filled novels is a challenge and some people don’t get that just because my characters don’t contain traditional “church folk” that they are still Christian books.Continue reading “Broken But I’m Healed coming October 9, 2012”

Street Disciples Book Cover

Y’all just don’t know…ever since the short story “Word on the Street” appeared in Elissa Gabrielle’s award-winning anthology The Triumph of My Soul, I have been working diligently to bring y’all the novel. The editor is almost finished and my loving wife, Allyson M. Deese sent me a draft of the cover this morning. After aContinue reading “Street Disciples Book Cover”