After BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED: A Short Story of Triumph

This past Friday, for the first time in over four years, I stepped into a classroom as the instructor. I was teaching a class on eBook creation and I ran through many topics that briefly included writing the book and making sure it’s edited properly; starting a business and the importance of having a separate EIN for publishing if it’s not supplementing what you are currently doing; distribution through Kindle and Nook; social media marketing and formatting the document for eBook publication.

I was teaching adults as opposed to high school students—yet I felt a sense of elation and restoration as I talked about a topic I knew about and enjoyed teaching. From the moment the first student entered the class from the intimate time spent with a couple of students at lunch to the end of the classroom discussions—I realized that teaching will always be part of what God has called for my life.

Teaching comes in many formats—from the lecturer that stands in front of the classroom to the person who writes an instructional guide helping someone put something together. In my teen novels, I taught teens how to deal with social problems. My adult novels showed readers that regardless of their situation, faith in God will help them get through their trials.

When I was teaching in the public schools, I’d been led to believe that education was less about what the students learned and more about meeting quotas. Our students had to score at a certain level—so many of our students were supposed to move to the next level—the students were supposed to show evidence of growth. I understand all of that and that is fine—but our system believes in a rigid way that that growth is supposed to be evident. And often, that system is not evaluated fairly or by people who understand the subjects they are observing. There is no way growth in English can be measured the same way one would measure growth in auto mechanics or computer applications.

I could sit here and talk about how unfairly I was treated as a teacher. I could talk about how I was lied to about my situation and betrayed by someone whom I was led to be was my mentor, role model and friend. I’ve admitted how stupid I felt that I didn’t look into my particular situation further and that I had no excuse to get the truth between my college professor, my classmates, mentee teachers, several church members who currently teach in the public school system—not to mention the thousands of fraternity brothers I have—of which several teachers are not only in my chapter but in other chapters in which I had a relationship with. I touched on that briefly in Broken But I’m Healed—and trust me, I didn’t go as deep as I could’ve because the book has greater meaning and purpose than that. But I will say that after writing and publishing Broken But I’m Healed, my faith has been renewed in teaching and education, and I have the community college I taught at to thank for that. I was reminded that I don’t need a public school system to validate me as a teacher—that rather, as an entrepreneur I can create my own opportunities to turn anything I’m doing into a teachable moment.

I’ve always taken full responsibility for my failures for why I didn’t work out as a public school teacher and how I flunked out of graduate school the first time. I will never forget the man I met afterward that encouraged me to look at and assess myself. That same man encouraged me to enter another graduate program based on a subject I love and two years after flunking out of my alma mater, I got my Master’s of Entrepreneurship at Western Carolina University. I was introduced to a variety of professors who made one of my favorite subjects to study and participate in come alive through education. To take it a step further, these instructors helped me when it came to running my second publishing company and those tools and strategies they gave me still help when it comes to consulting other authors and publishers.

Needless to say, after BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED, I can’t wait to teach again. I doubt I will be back in that part of North Carolina again—but I’m looking forward to teaching in other parts of the state and even welcome the idea of teaching in other states. I’m looking forward to a new literary future. And I can’t wait to write Calvin Rice’s romance novel that is anticipated to be released in 2014.

Moving FORWARD…Image

Isaiah David Paul Writing Update

For My Isaiah David Paul, Jarold Imes, Cedric Quincy & Donte Sweat Readers…

First, I want to say thank you to all of the readers who supported me, Jae throughout all of the years I’ve been a writer. Eighteen (and counting) credited books is nothing to sneeze at and has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to accomplish this task. I’m writing this letter to clarify some rumors among some of my fans and to shed some light on what I’ve been up to.

RUMOR #1 – I quit the industry—FALSE.

I tried that twice and it didn’t work. I have an assignment here that God wants me to fulfill and I guess until I’m done—I’m still here. Yes, I’m still writing books, mainly faith fiction under the name Isaiah David Paul. At the publication of this letter, the revisions to STILL STANDING, my last YA book have been completed and will go to the printer in time for its October 30 release as an adult Christian fiction novel under the Isaiah David Paul name. Also, my new novel, BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED which is the novel version of the short story, “I Used to Love H.E.R.” in Elissa Gabrielle’s award winning anthology, THE SOUL OF A MAN will also be released on this date as well. Another new novel, STOMP will also come out at the end of January 2013.

In addition, I work as a freelance editor and proofreader for quite a few editing and publishing services firms—I still provide consulting services for self-published authors and small publishing houses and yes, I AM STILL A GHOSTWRITER. 2011 was a harmful year for me because in addition to losing a business that I had for over five years that did a lot of social services and activism work, I only got paid in full for one of the four ghostwriting projects I worked on (long story)—but God bless those people anyway and He is still good because I’m working with two authors who have completed works and done right by me both as collaborators and financially. I’ve gone back to being more selective with whom I ghost for but I state that to say that I’m still writing.

RUMOR #2 –I am permanently discontinuing the Jarold Imes name and teen books—TRUE

While I love the works I’ve done for teens, I have to say that managing four different names has become a bit much in my current condition. I am still writing teen novels, but majority of the new teen books will be faith based and written under the Isaiah David Paul name. I’m excited about the suspenseful turn my teen novels have taken and I can’t wait to come back and work with young readers again.

A few of the Jarold Imes books, especially those that were originally adult novels will be revised and re-issued as adult novels under new names and under the other name I’m keeping. The rest of the novels will be discontinued in all formats by May 2013.

RUMOR #3 – I am permanently discontinuing the Cedric Quincy name and the LGBT books—TRUE & FALSE

I’ve told some of you this earlier, and I know many of you will be disappointed, but I am going to discontinue this name as well. I will keep the twitter account and the emails only, but the website and other miscellaneous Cedric Quincy sites and profiles will disappear by May 2013 as well. Through the remaining Cedric Quincy accounts, I will continue to encourage you to support my works under other names and for those of you who don’t know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, I will share material that will be of interest to you so that you can learn more about Him from people you may be familiar with.

Many of you have gone on to support Isaiah David Paul and I greatly appreciate you being the first fans of my new literary works that I’m doing to glorify God. Some of you have been loyal since I was Jaeyel and Jamaal (old school fans know the rest of the pseudonym). And those of you who found out the other names, I appreciate you going back to purchasing my other titles.

There are no plans to continue the bisexual or lesbian stories I’ve done under this name or the other less popular names (I can’t tell everything). In fact, I no longer have the rights to some of the lesbian stories and the writer(s) who does has stated that he/she/they will take care of them.

But for my Cedric, Corey, Aurice, Xavier, Serita, Karmen and Aiesha fans—you will be seeing these characters again. I know I didn’t deliver the third book in the series—spiritually, I couldn’t complete it in the same vein that I wrote the first two books and the draft of part of the book was sold to another writer for use in their published novel. Yet, I will say that in the two years since I’ve written about some of your favorites, let’s just say that as I’ve grown and changed—so have they. And you’ll get to see them in some of the upcoming works I have in store for you. I’m excited about the direction some of the characters have gone and I truly believe in my heart that you will too.

RUMOR #4 – Donte Sweat is coming back, possibly with new material—TRUE

While I never said I wouldn’t write secular works again, I did say that I’m going to PRIMARILY put my focus on faith fiction works and Isaiah David Paul. I tried that before two when I originally wrote and published the first version of LOVE HIM LIKE I DO in 2005 and as you can see, I backslid. So what I tell people now is that secular works aren’t my primary focus. However, after regaining the rights back to another published work (under another name that I can’t disclose yet on here) I’ve decided that I’m going to revise that work as well and change a lot of the names, details and present the book the way I originally intended and for me to do that, I need to streamline the pseudonyms and get my literary house in order.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve always liked this name and so have some of you. J

So that being said, any new secular works I come up with will most likely bear the Donte Sweat name (unless they are under contract for a client) as well as the re-issuing of my backlist. Some of the books that I can confirm that will be re-issued under the Donte Sweat name under new titles are:

HOLD ON BE STRONG (the adult version) by Jaeyel/Jarold Imes
The HOBS soap opera by Jaeyel Imes will be novelized and in print for the first time with new scenes
The last season of the HOBS soap opera will be completed, published and released in early 2014
FREE YOUR MIND by Cedric Quincy
KING by Cedric Quincy & Donte Sweat
AGE AIN’T NOTHING BUT A NUMBER (the adult version) by Jamaal…/Jarold Imes

I haven’t decided on the other books yet but it will be noted on the reissued books whether or not they are re-issues and credit will be given to the original publication and/or publisher.

There will be a revised website that will be up by the end of this month with more information. The twitter, facebook, yahoo email account and other social media sites with Donte Sweat will remain up and active. I will also primarily write new articles and commentary under this name.

So that being said, I have a busy literary plate—the bulk of it filled with work I’m doing as Isaiah David Paul. For those of you who kept in contact with me, especially in my time of need; continue to support my wife, Allyson M. Deese and  buy my books regardless of name and genre, I want to say I really, really, really love and appreciate that after thirteen years, you allow me to continue doing what I’m doing.

I can’t wait for you to read what I’m working on now and I pray that my faith fiction novels minister to you and show how all people, even those whom we consider to be “the least” of us, can grow in love with Christ.

In Unity,

Jae…writing as Isaiah David Paul & Donte Sweat

Still Standing by Isaiah David Paul – Synopsis & Cover

Josiah “Thing” Seals and Kandi Bigelow are looking forward to graduating high school, but each of them have to face tough obstacles for their love to endure.

Josiah has to learn to stand up to his mother and end the mental, physical and sexual abuse he’s suffered at her hands. Looking for a way out, he begins to search for a real job, new apartment and a new walk with God. But being an eighteen year old young black man is not easy and for Josiah, he need to learn not to fall into the temptations that have led many youth astray not just for himself, but so that his little brother, Joshua won’t suffer the same fate.

Kandi’s done stealing … after successfully completing the terms of her probation, she’s looking forward to putting her pick pocketing and her sorry ex-boyfriend, Cortez behind. However, once her older sister returns from prison, she may need to do one last job to get them both out of a bind.

Can Kandi and Josiah beat the odds and see where their relationship will go, or will they both be stuck in situations that will end their relationship permanently?

Still Standing coming October 30, 2012 and Update on the Jarold Imes Novels

Greetings Everyone:

I know y’all got the news that my wife, Allyson has been sick and I want to thank you for supporting us as she battled with a major ailment. She is home now and resting, however, she still will not be back in business for another few weeks. In the meantime, if you are one of her clients that I am now assisting in the interim—welcome. I hope this site gives you a chance to get to know me a little better.

A few days ago, I dropped the news that my upcoming novel, Broken But I’m Healed was being pushed back from its September 25, 2012 date to October 9, 2012. My wife serves as one of my editors and she normally does the final edits. I’m having to bring in some last minute assistance to make sure the novel is up to par and I want to not only give this person time, but give Allyson one last chance to read it before it comes out. Her new novella, was published earlier this month and I hope you check it out.

Over the last few months, my team and I have been answering the question, “What is going to happen with the Jarold Imes books?” Most of the books will be reissued as Jarold Imes during the 2013-2014 school year, but three of the novels will be reissued (and some renamed) as Isaiah David Paul novels. The first of these, Still Standing is almost complete and is set for an October 30, 2012 release. While I stand behind the teen release of the original version, I feel that Still Standing is more closely align to the direction I’m going with the Isaiah David Paul adult novels. With some of my contributions from my story in Love & Life, the new version of Still Standing will be longer with new scenes. Also, I don’t feel that Still Standing got a fair shake the first go-round and I still want to discuss younger Christian converts and molestation—two heavy themes that this novel talks about. Another thing, the Isaiah David Paul version is the first time this novel will be in print and I’m very excited about that.

So with that said, later this week, Still Standing will no longer be available on eBook and we will revise the current cover. We are keeping the main picture and using it as a focal point because we don’t feel that characters that look like Kandi are adequately portrayed in literature.

Rollin’ Wit the Punches and Lessons Learned will also be reissued as Isaiah David Paul young adult novels. I don’t have dates for those books yet.

The following five of ten novels will be reissued as Jarold Imes during the 2013-2014 school year:

Worth Fighting 4
U Can’t Break Me
Never Too Much – The Remix
5 Miles to Empty
Hold On Be Strong

All of the books will get new and updated covers. Two of the books will be revised and at least two will have a brand new title.

Marlon McCaulsky is going to reissue the story that he wrote in our anthology, Love & Life at a later date so at this point, and the anthology will not be reprinted.

The jury is still out on Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number. Some educators and counselors have asked me to consider toning down the content and reissue a revised version under Jarold Imes. Some in my circle want that book to be kept as is and expanded for the publication of the old, and unreleased titles that will come out as Donte Sweat—especially those whom have access to the “alternate version.” While I don’t intend to write too many new secular novels—I don’t want to promise that I’ll never write them again either. But of the other pseudonyms, Donte Sweat will be the one that I use the most and it will be for mainstream, urban and some romance novels. However, Donte Sweat will not be a primary focus at this time.

I thank you all for supporting me and I can’t wait for you to read Broken But I’m Healed and the new Still Standing in October.

In Unity,

Isaiah David Paul

Broken But I’m Healed coming October 9, 2012


Greetings Everyone:


For those of you who bought Love Him Like I Do or my latest release, Street Disciples, first I want to say thank you for your support. Writing faith-filled novels is a challenge and some people don’t get that just because my characters don’t contain traditional “church folk” that they are still Christian books. My characters will never be perfect but then again, neither will we.


My wife, Allyson M. Deese is currently in the hospital, but she is expected to make a full recovery. In light of this, I am going to push back the release of my next novel, Broken But I’m Healed to October 9 as opposed to September 25. This way, she can have time to do her final edits and the team can have a chance to review the book after she does before we go to print. I thank y’all for understanding. The book is available for pre-order on but unfortunately, hasn’t caught on yet. Don’t worry, the Kindle and Nook versions will be released simultaneously.


Also, my short story, “Jump” was accepted for an upcoming anthology that will be released around November 2012. I’m very excited about this because this will be my first faith-fiction anthology appearance as Isaiah David Paul. I can’t wait to do another anthology. I gotta keep that pen moving and glorifying God every chance I get.


Finally, I’m making slight changes to the website over the next week or two, so be on the look out for new content, tour schedule and more goodies that I have in store. And remember to praise God in all that you do.


In Unity,




Isaiah David Paul

STREET DISCIPLES is out…new romance novel coming soon

For those of you who may have missed it—STREET DISCIPLES came out on Tuesday. I am very excited to have a second book for Christ out after waiting so long to put it out. You can get your copy at,, or follow the purchase links on this site.

Also, I am attending the Take Over Conference—The Mountain Top Experience at The River of Life Church in Asheville. Tonight’s guest pastor/speaker will be Dr. Cindy Trimm. My wife, Allyson ( and I will be signing our books at the event. Doors open at 6pm.

And finally, I’ve been working on a set of Christian Romance novels for a while. And originally, I had a publishing deal lined up for the books—however that fell through and as usual, I will be publishing these books as well. I’m excited to be able to show what Christian relationships are supposed to look like. And if you’ve read my secular works—much less my Isaiah David Paul novels, you know I’m not scared to show Christ’s love anywhere.

Yesterday, I took the question to Facebook and Twitter asking industry professionals and readers what I should do as far the name I should publish the books under. The original publisher requested a pseudonym so that I could build a new audience. I understand that thought and agreed with it—had the name picked out and was getting ready to purchase the dot com. Yet, my wife and our literary circle had pushed for me to keep the books published as Isaiah David Paul. I asked you guys and almost 99% of you said overwhelmingly to keep the books published as Isaiah David Paul. So, per your request, I am happy to announce that my first romance novel, DON’T WANNA BE A PLAYA, the first book in my Worship Warriors Series, will be out February 2013. I thank y’all for your continued support and input in this important decision.

That’s all I have for you for now. BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED is being edited and will be ready for it’s September 25, 2012 release. I’m currently finishing STOMP, FOOT SOLDIER & DON’T WANNA BE A PLAYA for their late 2012/early 2013 releases. And I haven’t forgotten about the teen books either. 2013/2014 for those.

Thank you for your support.

Street Disciples Book Cover


Y’all just don’t know…ever since the short story “Word on the Street” appeared in Elissa Gabrielle’s award-winning anthology The Triumph of My Soul, I have been working diligently to bring y’all the novel. The editor is almost finished and my loving wife, Allyson M. Deese sent me a draft of the cover this morning. After a long day at work on third shift, the concept of having a brand new cover got us excited. I loved the text layout but I wanted a different picture.

I got some rest and about an hour after I woke up–my wife showed me the cover you see on your left.

I feel like a kid in the candy story. Street Disciples is  getting closer and closer to print and not only do I have a great editor working on the project (along with my wife, who also edits, y’all should check out her website on the links page), I have a wonderful cover.

Right now, I don’t have pre-order information but this book, along with BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED will be released on the same day when I launch my new publishing company at the end of the summer.

Synopsis: Following the death of one of the members of the Street Disciples Ministry, the surviving members must move forward to spread the Word of Jesus Christ. Rahliem must watch over his new flock while saving souls, taking on new leadership roles and connecting with the love in his life. Shadrach has to bridge the gap between the elder barbers and the young ones joining the flock. Felton continues to strip and dance for anyone who will come his way, all the while denying the power of Jesus Christ. Join Isaiah David Paul as he recounts the latest tale glorifying the Lord where street-lit meets faith fiction in this fast-paced action-packed saga. No one will be left the same.

Broken But I’m Healed

On the horizon—my future as an author in this unforgivable industry just got brighter.

Yesterday, I unveiled the cover to my long-awaited second faith-fiction novel, BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED. For those who bought the original HE CHANGED MY NAME by Jay Imes (now re-issued as LOVE HIM LIKE I DO by Isaiah David Paul), I appreciate the fact that you waited seven years for me to come back to Christ and do what I’m supposed to be doing. If you bought the award winning SOUL OF A MAN Anthology that was edited by Elissa Gabrielle, then you saw a very small piece of the story four years ago.

In just a few short weeks (Lord-willing of course), you will be getting a book that I have to admit has been the most difficult project I’ve ever written. Bits and pieces of the story are based on things that have happened to me—I’ll go more in details about that as the date approaches. But to say it’s one of my most personal projects to date (aside from WORTH FIGHTING 4 by Jarold Imes) is an understatement.

The following is the synopsis—I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to go on this next Street Disciples Testimonial journey with you.

Maria Rice has survived abuse and being orphaned at a young age and has lived to tell the tale. Her heavy heart can only heal when given the opportunity to be nurtured and she continues to allow unforgiveness and sin push her away from Christ. Her husband, Calvin, has goals and ambitions to become a great teacher while being the man he knows God has called him to be. The only obstacles in his way are his unruly students, a distrustful school administration and a broken home that seek to destroy him because he loves Christ. As Maria and Calvin seek a resolution for where they should go with their lives, saving their marriage may be the last thing on their minds.

The Word says what God has brought together let no man put asunder—but if they weren’t brought together by God, then are they better off just being apart?

Release Date – Summer 2012

There Are Works Out There…

You shall not hate in your heart anyone of your kin; you shall reprove your neighbor, or it will incur guilt yourself. You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against any of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself; I am the Lord. (Leviticus 19: 17-18 – NRSV)


I was supposed to start writing STOMP for the National Novel Writing Month on November 1, 2011. I told all of my literary friends, my associates and my family because I knew they would be excited that another Isaiah David Paul novel is being crafted. It was a hard decision because I had to choose between STOMP and another project that was going to be the conclusion of a trilogy that has drawn a cult following. STOMP was chosen because I did not want to explore sexuality and abstinence just yet. I wanted to focus more on going out into the world and making disciples and the concept of forgiveness.

Today is the third of this month and all I have not written one word of what I promise will be an amazing novel.

I have let Satan use the fact that a certain “client” of mine has recently defaulted on a ghostwriting project I did for them get in the way of what I know the Lord told me to do. This person, whom owes me money not just for the manuscript but also for the screenplay has caused a lot of harm in my household because I depend on money from the sale of my books and my ghostwriting to supplement monies from my “day job” so that I can make ends meet. This person has angered me so much, that I have stepped out of character—backslid into using language I have steered away (except in some of my writings and I’m working on that) for over three years. This person, who did not abide by the written contract we have for my services is in possession of stolen material and now claims ownership of my work. And to justify her indiscretion and issues with me when confronted with the fact that she can’t publish the work without paying, she throws in “greater is he that is in me than He who is in the world” like the Words from the Book is supposed to just give her a pass to screw me over.

For those of you who have written a screenplay know how hard it is to not only come up with the storyline, but format it correctly and make it presentable on the off whim chance you are having lunch with someone in position to help you out, that the story can be ready. Now imagine having to use that to build a manuscript from which a book will be published.

That’s a lot of work—a lot of writing and re-writing. And we won’t talk about what I’ve had to add and change to make the info work as a book.

Let’s just say that considering I was more the generous to this “client” I am beyond livid. How dare she steal from me? The whole day after our conversation (which did not go well), I was very angry because I spent a lot of time, energy and passion building up this project which is suppose to be a tribute to her “dead son” and now I have nothing to show for my work.

I’m supposed to forgive, which I will do because that’s what the Lord commanded me to do. I’m not supposed to seek vengeance—how can this be when my family is about to suffer for this lack of payment while she is eating off of work she knows isn’t fully paid for? So what do I do?

My pastor reminded me that I am supposed to trust in the Lord and let the Lord convict her heart in His time. My fiancée (she will be wife next Saturday) reminded me that I am a man of many talents—a man with quite a few publishing opportunities on the table from multiple publishers. The Spirit reminded me of the parable of the talents and despite the fact that one may have been stolen from me that I am to continue laboring in the field, spreading the gifts I have been given to uplift and edify the kingdom.

This is the first thing I’ve written since the incident happened and now, my task is very simple—I am going to write the first words of this book after I make this post and Lord willing, I will let y’all know how many words. NaNoWriMo required 50,000 for the project to be a success and it takes 1667 words a day so I’m behind already. Thank God I have an outline but still…a lot of work to do.

The answer to the million dollar question…no I don’t hate this client, or any of the other “clients” and publishers who’ve harmed and cheated me in the past. But I promise you this, I will be smarter, wiser and more selective in how I offer my services in the future.