MAN IN THE MIRROR Isaiah David Paul Solomon Waterwine – August 2013 Originally published as A WALK IN MY SHOES/NEVER TOO MUCH by Jaeyel Imes RBANWRTR – 1998, 2000 Previously published as ROLLIN’ WIT’ THE PUNCHES by Jarold Imes Abednego’s Free – 2008 This book, along with Never Too Muchand U Can’t Break Memake upContinue reading “ABOUT THESE BOOKS – MAN IN THE MIRROR”

ABOUT THESE BOOKS – Introduction

This is probably more difficult than anything I’ve ever written. Sorta like an autobiography and I have no choice but to be honest. No hiding behind a pseudonym–other than this one. No fabricating a happy ending. “About These Books” will force me to tell the hard, honest truth. I will probably gain a few newContinue reading “ABOUT THESE BOOKS – Introduction”