ABOUT THESE BOOKS – Introduction

This is probably more difficult than anything I’ve ever written. Sorta like an autobiography and I have no choice but to be honest. No hiding behind a pseudonym–other than this one. No fabricating a happy ending. “About These Books” will force me to tell the hard, honest truth. I will probably gain a few newContinue reading “ABOUT THESE BOOKS – Introduction”

About the Re-emergence of Cedric Quincy…

Greetings Everyone: I’ve gotten some emails lately about the re-emergence of Team Cedric Quincy. Specifically, I’m being asked by many of my IDP readers have I gone back to writing LBGT fiction or have I given up on God. First, about Team Cedric Quincy coming back. I have a group of young men who have,Continue reading “About the Re-emergence of Cedric Quincy…”