Closing My Legs – Coming August 6, 2014 –> 8+6=14

I am very excited that my first NEW full-length novel in almost two years, CLOSING MY LEGS will be available in print and on several eBook formats on August 6, 2014. 8 + 6 = 14…I like that formula—don’t you?

Readers have seen this beautiful cover below and we figure, why wait any longer? Like Tina Campbell of Mary Mary once said, “if we don’t like it, we not giving it to y’all” and after going over this book with my editing team–we decided we like it a lot. We want you to have the book as early as possible.

Closing My Legs will not be the only full-length novel dropping this year. Before I Die will be re-issued as King of Kings and the sequel, Lord of Lords (formerly Foot Soldier) will drop before this year is out–possibly before the Asheville Literary Reunion I’m co-hosting on November 1, 2014. So yes–to answer a long awaited question–King Dunlap is back–in more ways than one.

Before I ask you to pre-order my book at the link below, I want to take the time to thank each and everyone of you for supporting my career. It is a blessing to be able to do this for sixteen years and if it’s the Lord’s will, I’ll do it for sixteen more.

Closing My Legs
Closing My Legs

Solomon Waterwine LLC
978-1-934195-81-9 (print)
978-1-934195-52-9 (eBook)
248 pg.

Maria Rice, Apple Mack and Carolina North form a pact–to watch over each other on the streets and to make sure no man is able to take advantage of them. Maria is frustrated that she can’t find love, Apple can’t stay in love and Carolina is mad that her education has not gotten her where she thought she should be. Their mistress, Madam Mulah plans to keep them in bondage by any means necessary.

After serving ten years in a correction facility, Abel Victor is coming home, but he is not the man he was when he went in. And now that he’s out, he’s determined to do the three things he feels the Lord has called upon him to do. First, he needs to reestablish the strained relationships with his sons. Next, he wants to pull Maria, Apple and Carolina out of the streets to keep them from falling into the same traps that set him up for life behind bars. And finally, he wants to start a church in his old neighborhood to begin to reverse the wrongs he contributed in other people’s lives. Will his plan to do God’s mission work, or will the temptations of women, riches and power lure him back into the streets?


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Update on New Isaiah David Paul Titles


I appreciate the love you guys have given all of my titles—since I write (and don’t hide) the fact that I write in multiple genres, I need to clearly define what my literary mission is.

As I stated when I started the Isaiah David Paul movement in 2010—my passion and first love is the expansion of Christian fiction on all fronts. I’m not talking traditional church dramedies that highlight sin. I’m thinking showing Christians falling in love, Christians fearless in faith in the face of danger, Christians overcoming difficult circumstances and praising God anyway no matter what happens. I want to highlight those who come to Christ from a nontraditional route. My background in street-lit/urban fiction; adult romance and erotica and young adult fiction gives me an arsenal to pull character experiences from and allows for me to go out in the world and create disciples.

I want anyone, regardless of what genre they read, to pick up a Christian-themed book and experience God where they are at. I don’t want people to feel like they aren’t saved unless they are in someone’s church. They need to experience God now.

Isaiah David Paul has been the priority brand for the last few years and that has not and won’t change in the foreseeable future. Remember, what I do for Christ will last. I have outlines that will last me a couple of years if I should run out of ideas, LOL.

My new release, CLOSING MY LEGS will have a final release date of August 12, 2014. I know this is another push back, but I have to take care of my family. I have a few members that are not well and need the care that I and other immediate members of our family can give. The book is done, my wife and other editors are reading it now. They are pleased—but sometimes, we have to wait. 

The Asheville Literary Reunion, which I’m hosting with Allyson M. Deese, will be November 1 and I may have a surprise (or two) ready by then. For more information about the event, which will be free for readers, please go to the website,  

And with the editing, ghostwriting, bookselling and other literary commitments, your boy is busy. I thank you for loving me, praying for me and most importantly, supporting me so that I can continue to reinvest in entrepreneurs who have a common mission.


In Unity for Christ,


Isaiah David Paul



Isaiah David Paul
Solomon Waterwine – August 2013

Originally published as A WALK IN MY SHOES/NEVER TOO MUCH by Jaeyel Imes
RBANWRTR – 1998, 2000

Previously published as ROLLIN’ WIT’ THE PUNCHES
by Jarold Imes
Abednego’s Free – 2008

This book, along with Never Too Muchand U Can’t Break Memake up my debut novel, originally titled A Walk in My Shoes.

The original publication of this book was in a three-ring binder, printed from an ink jet printer. I printed twelve copies, of which I only got back three. I sold seven of the three-ring binder copies for $10 each. My first readers were my classmates at my high school and a couple of people from other high schools in Winston Salem.

My book got passed around so many times that some of the people who bought copies didn’t get theirs back either.

I was proud, I had done what no other black sixteen year old at that time in America had done. I had published a books, and it was selling a few copies and people were talking about it.

The original version featured four young men and the problems they went through. One was a teenage father, another dealt with sexuality issues, a third was incarcerated and the fourth tried to commit suicide.

My peers loved this book because they finally felt like their was a novel about teens written for teens that addressed their issues. Adults hated this books because they wanted this to be a teen book and I had too much language and the sex scenes rivaled what could be found in a Zane novel (their words, not mine–love you big sis).

I mainly wanted this book to be a conversational piece that would encourage parents and teens to talk. Fifteen years later, I feel we are still missing the mark. Parents are just allowing their teens to do whatever. Well, that’s not fair. Both parents have to work two to three jobs just to keep a roof over the heads. I get that now.

First reviews when the book hit trade paperback were horrible. I was 19 then and a little sensitive. The reviewers were not kind hearted people and I couldn’t take that they didn’t like the book. A few of them went as far as to say they didn’t like me. One said in a private email that my mother should’ve aborted me.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Since then, and for most of the last fifteen years, I have outright refused to send review copies of any book I write to reviewers. Especially when I saw these reviewers selling copies they were giving for free. I have made some exceptions but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I’m not scared of reviewers–but to be bold enough to say some insensitive and unprofessional comment like that has struck a nerve.

I grew bitter. Most of the other African American authors were not helpful either. I remember Omar Tyree and James Earl Hardy and a few years later, E. Lynn Harris being the only authors that would try to give me direction when I was young. That is why I vowed to help all young black authors whom came after me and for the next fifteen years, I cheered, celebrated the accomplishments of several young authors who’d come after me.

In 2006, I was about to sign my very first publishing deal for a new teen series. I was familiar with the publisher and they thought I’d be really great addition. KaShamba Williams was helping me review my material and after going over Never Too Much, she suggested that I’d make the suicide book its own title.

I trusted her. She was one of the leaders of the new teen authors and being old TCP alumni, the family of authors who’d eventually adopt me and give me some guidance, I knew she knew what she was talking about.

Creating ROLLIN’ WIT THE PUNCHES as the last book of the original “Hold On Be Strong” series was one of the best decisions I’d ever made. I not only got to go in details about suicide and have a book in which I addressed a quiet epidemic, I got to talk about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I got to talk about my personal situation with suicide. In the six months I took taking Tyson’s character out of Never Too Much, I also got to talk more about family involvement, which is very important in the recovery for teens who fail suicide attempts.

While I don’t talk directly about my attempts, I do catch a feeling or two when suicide is talked about. Lee Thompson Young’s suicide around a scheduled release of Man In The Mirror was too much for me to handle. So I pushed the book back until I was ready to sell it. Had nothing to do with my closeness to the actor. Suicide will continue to be a sensitive subject for me.

I’m happy Man In The Mirror is out. I love it’s cover, as the man slightly resembles how I picture Tyson. Also, it’s a faith fiction tale that has its humorous moments and features favorite characters from Holdin’, thus making this book, it’s prequel.

ABOUT THESE BOOKS – Introduction

This is probably more difficult than anything I’ve ever written. Sorta like an autobiography and I have no choice but to be honest.

No hiding behind a pseudonym–other than this one. No fabricating a happy ending. “About These Books” will force me to tell the hard, honest truth.

I will probably gain a few new readers as a result of this experiment. I may also tick off enough of you that you may stop reading my books. I understand both of these emotions–I both enjoy reading my books and find things I dislike about myself in the process. But I have come to be able to self-assess myself. Be honest with myself.

In this series I will talk about everything from how I became a writer to my publishing experiences to how I became a ghostwriter. I will share my triumphs and my tragedies. Maybe I’ll teach a few lessons about publishing in the process.

Please stay for the journey.

About the Re-emergence of Cedric Quincy…

Greetings Everyone:

I’ve gotten some emails lately about the re-emergence of Team Cedric Quincy. Specifically, I’m being asked by many of my IDP readers have I gone back to writing LBGT fiction or have I given up on God.

First, about Team Cedric Quincy coming back. I have a group of young men who have, along with my wife, helped bring some of my secular readers to my faith fiction works. When I posted that I’d refrain from creating too many new secular works–these readers, my fans have come along for the ride. Many of the Cedric Quincy readers have bought old Jarold Imes books when I was exposed (notice I did not come out as Cedric Quincy willingly), and they are buying and conversing with me about my IDP books.

Some of the very people who helped me pump the erotic books have gotten saved and I believe that being around me to a point may have influenced that. I have a dedicated team that specifically work to promote my works and other faith fiction titles in that community.

As for using the name. There will only be ONE CQ novel that will deal with LGBT issues and that will be the re-editing and re-issuing of the teen version of 5 Miles to Empty. It will have a new name and a new cover. The new CQ novels will be a variety of SUSPENSE NOVELS and some mainstream titles.

I’m not asking you to support Cedric Quincy, his team or the works. I am asking you to keep in mind the reason I have a literary ministry.

Matthew 28:19-20 states “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

So I’m asking you–before you judge what I write and what I do–let me use this name to minister to this community. Let me do what God has His hands in and write books that address the community at large. Yes, my CQ and my Donte Sweat novels are more secular in nature but that doesn’t mean the work can’t get done.

For those of you willing to go on the journey with me, I appreciate it. For those who won’t, I understand.

It’s hard not writing the traditional church-drama that many Christian readers have become accustomed to as “Christian fiction”. Works that don’t glorify Christ but instead promote some of the very sins ministers are supposed to be preaching against. But some of these same readers will criticize me because my Christian books show the problems and how all people, Christians and non-Christians alike fall short.

I pray that you all get a chance to see the works God is working within me. That is bigger than the works I’m doing for the world. And I’m not selling out–who knows, I’ve saved secular characters before–who says that with God’s help I can’t save them again.




My Last Day Being 30: A Prelude to BEFORE I DIE

I pray all of you are having a wonderful New Year. This is my first posting I’m making from my phone.

Today is my last day being 30, and I feel blessed. You guys have made my Christmas with the early favorable reviews for BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED and it’s bestselling status. I also appreciate the early support for my first romance project “Give Love At Christmas: A eShort”.

When I took down BLACKBERRY MOLASSES & FREE YOUR MIND by Cedric Quincy and KING by Donte Sweat at the end of last year, my original intent was to republish the novels under my other adult imprint. But I heard God speaking to me instructing me to wait. I did and He has shown me how I can make KING more pleasing to him. So I out the work in my romance novel, TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS on hold and to my surprise (and my wife’s), changing the curse words and minimizing and deleting KING’s premarital sex scenes were not only pleasing to God but a requirement for the desire to reissue the book under the Solomon Waterwine imprint and under the Isaiah David Paul name.

I was okay with this. I mean when God speaks, I’m supposed to listen right. He wants a cleaner version of KING and I’m going to obey. Not only has this been easier than I thought, but I’m liking one of my favorite stories I’ve written better. And the result will be a new book called BEFORE I DIE which will tie BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED to my end of the year release FOOT SOLDIER.

God said what we do for Him will last and I can’t wait for you to read the new version. And yes, I do have Kirk Franklin’s go-go song playing in the background as I work this out. Now to get my wife to do a beautiful cover and edit and you should have this book in three weeks. God is good.

I thought everything was over because of how I got scammed on three ghostwriting projects and the store in Charlotte, but God is reminding me that with Him, I can always have a new beginning.

I got to get back to writing and now that the blog post is done, I must admit that while typing this from my phone is easy, I may just do notes and stick with correcting everything with my lap top.

Support Authors on Small Business Saturday

A lot of people don’t realize it that in most cases, every book that is in print is the collaborative effort of a team. The author is the brand and as part of their business, they hire and/or work with editors, publicists, agents, web masters and other graphic design people to help them maintain their brand. If the author owns the publishing company that releases the book or has a production company that the books are affiliated with—then there are more people involved like accountants, lawyers, consultants and assistant or two and other staff needed to make the author’s brand a success.


To break it down even further—every time you purchase an Isaiah David Paul novel or if you’ve ever purchased a Donte Sweat, Cedric Quincy or Jarold Imes novel, these are all of the professionals that have businesses I support to help me create the catalog that keep Solomon Waterwine moving.


–                      I have one main editor and usually two to three supporting proofreaders, story line editors and content editors.

–                      I either purchase the cover photograph from the model or the photographer (who may have to pay the model in some cases).

–                      In many cases, I’ve paid the graphic designer to produce a high quality cover that will catch attention and aide in selling the book.

–                      I don’t have a publicist, but the placement in certain literary magazines and blogs isn’t cheap either.

–                      I also have to pay for my distribution from my “house” to the store or to the customer.


I know that some readers don’t care about the logistics, they just want a good story. I understand that and that’s why I hire the team of experts for my book. So when you purchase those eBooks for your Kindle, Nooks or other eReaders for the holidays, think about that.