Over the years, Isaiah David Paul has written in a variety of secular genres and became a writing partner and ghostwriter for a few award-winning and best selling authors. With his string of successes and renewed faith in God, Isaiah David Paul has finally decided to follow his calling to write for Christ.

Under a more popular name; he is a well respected young adult author and controversial columnist where he contributed to The Triumph of My Soul and Soul of a Man. He is currently working to complete a new Christ-centered young adult series and other faith-based projects, tithing more of his literary talents to God and spreading the word of Jesus Christ.

With a purpose of building a literary ministry using a street lit tone under the guidance of The Written Word, his plan is to expand the audience of Christian fiction by writing novels and stories about anyone seeking the Lord and finding redemption from their sins.

2 thoughts on “Author

  1. Isaiah,

    My name is Michael Russo. I am a retired naval officer living in Winston-Salem. I am in the process of finishing a novel about a woman I know who has polio. She is in her 70’s and has had polio since she was 7 yrs old. I was wondering if I could contact you directly?

    1. Hey Michael,

      Thanks for checking me out. I will contact you within a week via email. Working on a deadline for one of my upcoming books–gotta get that done. I wish you the best and I will try to help you where I can.


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