Closing My Legs – Coming August 6, 2014 –> 8+6=14

I am very excited that my first NEW full-length novel in almost two years, CLOSING MY LEGS will be available in print and on several eBook formats on August 6, 2014. 8 + 6 = 14…I like that formula—don’t you? Readers have seen this beautiful cover below and we figure, why wait any longer? Like Tina CampbellContinue reading “Closing My Legs – Coming August 6, 2014 –> 8+6=14”

Update on New Isaiah David Paul Titles

I appreciate the love you guys have given all of my titles—since I write (and don’t hide) the fact that I write in multiple genres, I need to clearly define what my literary mission is. As I stated when I started the Isaiah David Paul movement in 2010—my passion and first love is the expansionContinue reading “Update on New Isaiah David Paul Titles”

ABOUT THESE BOOKS – Introduction

This is probably more difficult than anything I’ve ever written. Sorta like an autobiography and I have no choice but to be honest. No hiding behind a pseudonym–other than this one. No fabricating a happy ending. “About These Books” will force me to tell the hard, honest truth. I will probably gain a few newContinue reading “ABOUT THESE BOOKS – Introduction”

About the Re-emergence of Cedric Quincy…

Greetings Everyone: I’ve gotten some emails lately about the re-emergence of Team Cedric Quincy. Specifically, I’m being asked by many of my IDP readers have I gone back to writing LBGT fiction or have I given up on God. First, about Team Cedric Quincy coming back. I have a group of young men who have,Continue reading “About the Re-emergence of Cedric Quincy…”

My Last Day Being 30: A Prelude to BEFORE I DIE

I pray all of you are having a wonderful New Year. This is my first posting I’m making from my phone. Today is my last day being 30, and I feel blessed. You guys have made my Christmas with the early favorable reviews for BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED and it’s bestselling status. I alsoContinue reading “My Last Day Being 30: A Prelude to BEFORE I DIE”

Support Authors on Small Business Saturday

A lot of people don’t realize it that in most cases, every book that is in print is the collaborative effort of a team. The author is the brand and as part of their business, they hire and/or work with editors, publicists, agents, web masters and other graphic design people to help them maintain theirContinue reading “Support Authors on Small Business Saturday”

After BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED: A Short Story of Triumph

This past Friday, for the first time in over four years, I stepped into a classroom as the instructor. I was teaching a class on eBook creation and I ran through many topics that briefly included writing the book and making sure it’s edited properly; starting a business and the importance of having a separateContinue reading “After BROKEN BUT I’M HEALED: A Short Story of Triumph”